Workers’ rights have been neglected by UK and Scottish governments as they indulge in infighting and chasing their own obsessions, Angela Rayner will argue today.

The deputy UK Labour leader will claim workers have been “left out in the cold” by ministers north and south of the border when she meets apprentices in Glasgow and sets out her party’s plans for a New Deal for employees.

Labour has promised to tackle job insecurity by giving workers the right to protection against unfair dismissal, sick pay from day one and parental leave if it wins the general election, as well as ban zero-hour contracts and fire and rehire policies.

The SNP said Labour should devolve employment powers to Holyrood.

Ms Rayner, who also appears on the Edinburgh Fringe tomorrow with comedian Matt Forde, said ahead of her visit: “Working people in Scotland are right to demand better. 

“Faced with a punishing cost of living crisis, an explosion in zero-hour contracts, and a wages crash, governing parties on both sides of the border are failing working people across the whole of the UK.

“Scotland’s workers have been left out in the cold as Ministers in Westminster and Holyrood engage in endless political battles on internal obsessions.

“But it is not inevitable for working people to shoulder the burden of this crisis, and it is not inevitable that working parents must struggle to feed and clothe their children.

“At the next General Election, there will be a clear choice - between a Labour Government, or another five years of Tory incompetence.

“In Scotland, the SNP can only oppose the Tories. Only Labour can boot them out of office.”

Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar added: “After 15 years, not a single institution in Scotland is stronger now than when the SNP took office and working people are paying the price.

“Across the country people are demanding change and only Labour can deliver a New Deal for working people in Scotland and across the UK.

“Scotland doesn’t have to settle for more of the same from complacent, sleaze-ridden SNP or the morally bankrupt Tories.

“Labour will deliver the fresh start Scotland needs – putting Scotland’s priorities first, smashing the class ceiling , and putting an end to years of decline.”

SNP MP David Linden said that if Sir Keir Starmer failed to consider devolving employment laws to Holyrood “people in Scotland won’t take him or his party seriously”.

He said: “said: “The Labour party have worked hand-in-glove with the Tories to block the devolution of employment law to Scotland for years. 

“However, with draconian legislation like the EU Retained Law Bill and the Anti-Strike Bill passed through the UK Parliament earlier this year, it’s clear that protecting workers’ rights is more important than ever.

“If senior Labour politicians are serious about tackling employment issues, then they should commit to devolving employment law to Holyrood immediately.  

"While the SNP will always stand up for workers’ rights against Westminster attacks, ultimately, Scotland needs the full powers of independence to guarantee, protect and strengthen those rights.”