Having secured a new partnership with highly renowned US multi-national semiconductor company AMD, Renfrewshire-based Consenna is utilising its global experience in IT sales to bridge the gap between the top brands who create trailblazing new technologies and the resellers who roll out these advances around the world


Since the dawn of the computer age, it has been a necessity for businesses and organisations to kit out their staff with the latest technology on offer.

On the face of it, this may seem a simple task: providing access to a seller of computer equipment who will provide the best product and value in the marketplace.

But in practice the challenge of outfitting small to mid-sized companies with upgraded IT solutions that are not only functional but also user-friendly remains a complex puzzle. So how exactly do you secure a seamless transition to the latest technology while maximising staff productivity?

Initially this would have been done over the telephone, with resellers working with global entities such as Microsoft, Dell, HP and Lenovo for the best price, quality and above all else, speed of delivery from initial query to installation. 

However, despite the advent of the internet and the need to access better tech systems more quickly became increasingly vital, this process did not evolve. 

Instead it remained time-consuming – and time costs money.

Enter Consenna, the Scottish IT partner services agency bridging the gap between global technology brands and computer equipment resellers. 

Positioned as a sales enablement provider, Consenna unlocks rapid and efficient access to cutting-edge technology, revolutionising the IT sales process. This dynamic sector, where IT meets sales, is a multi-million-pound one, propelling the growth of leading global brands through ingenious technological advancements.

Consenna was founded in 2009 by Douglas Jeffrey. Previously at HP, Douglas was tasked with expanding the company’s sales channels. He created their first concept platforms, which transformed reseller relations and contributed to a significant increase in new business wins.

Douglas realised how the power of these platforms could change the sales process and enable everyone involved in the IT business-to-business sector. 

So Consenna was born, and with it a new emergence of sales capability for large technology companies selling with partners, together delivering return on investment through better prospecting, conversion and sales wins.

Douglas said: “Consenna is all about agility and the power of sales enablement. We’re not wedded to particular solutions, methods or software – what matters is finding the right solution and technology-based tools and processes that work and deliver across the whole sales cycle for everyone involved, especially our reseller users and customers. 

“IT resellers service a huge volume of different businesses and organisations of varying sectors, size and people, but with the universal need of securing the optimal solution that delivers simplicity and value.”

In the 14 years since it was founded on this ethos, Consenna has grown into a company of global significance in its field. With Paul Thompson at the helm as Commercial Director, driving worldwide impact from its headquarters in Renfrewshire, Consenna has invested in the latest technology to become a partner services agency that helps global IT companies grow their business through their reseller channels.

The company has achieved massive year-on-year success. In 2019, its turnover topped £2m. Within the space of just two years, it had achieved £10m turnover, and further expansion on the international stage

Paul Thompson said: “Consenna is an incredible success story. This success is built on hard work, innovation and a full understanding of the market in which we operate, and how it can keep improving. We are now established as a trusted brand by global players in the IT sector, as well as the reseller partner ecosystems that those IT brands rely on. Consenna supports them with the most agile way of selling technology to their customers.”

Consenna has gained this trust by building a portfolio of innovative products, tech tools and services, cultivating a network of clients, channel partners and suppliers and working effectively together to make sure ultimately that there is “mutual, enduring value” – in essence, that businesses and organisations regardless of size, secure optimal technology solutions with unrivalled efficiency.

It acts as an ‘unseen’ link that connects the large multinationals, reseller organisations and business customers from a technology supply perspective. 
Its platforms are named after elements that help stimulate change for businesses. One of its most successful is Catalyst.

Catalyst quickly provides resellers with the tools and technology they need to automatically generate leads, find its target audience and give sales teams the information they need to engage customers, convert more sales and deliver a measurable return on investment.

But above all its agility means that it works with clients to customise solutions that fully achieve their goals.

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From left, Consenna's chairman and founder Douglas Jeffrey, Customer Success Director Simon Yates and commercial director Paul Thompson


Simon Yates, Customer Success Director at Consenna, said: “The IT channel is a vibrant and bustling place to work, we are lucky to work with such fantastic IT reseller partners who challenge us to constantly look at evolving our existing solutions and creating new ones.

“In particular, as IT brands and resellers look for more ways to deliver complex solutions in an efficient and timely manner, AI is emerging as a strategic tool to facilitate this process. 

The traditional, time-consuming search for solutions could potentially be expedited, generating swift outcomes that once demanded substantial time investment. 
Challenges related to data, security and practical implementation do exist, yet the AI solution presents an intriguing avenue to streamline and elevate operations.

“The coming together of human expertise and AI holds the key to unlocking this business opportunity. With discussions on AI replacing human roles, the real potential lies in AI and human insight co-existing to amplify operational efficiency, save money and increase wins.”

Consenna, with its unique perspective on the IT industry and the mechanics of how selling and co-selling works, is actively shaping the landscape. Simon Yates alludes to their ongoing efforts, hinting at the need to harness AI’s potential. The cogent belief in AI tools, empowered by accurate and pertinent data, as a driving force for enhanced productivity, lies at the heart of this transformation.

As the IT reseller market contemplates the potential of the AI revolution, an expansive business opportunity is on the horizon.

This collaborative journey will ultimately lead to a world of co-selling between IT brands and resellers, with AI as the sales assistant – making this partnership the strongest it has ever been. This could foster a future where every IT reseller has an AI expert available to them 24/7, increasing efficiency and sales success ten-fold.

Consenna is already in the opening stages of this journey after announcing a new partnership with US multinational AMD to launch a new technology system which simplifies the process of selecting the right new tech for smaller businesses and organisations.

The programme uses Catalyst to automatically deliver a high-impact email campaign direct to prospective customers who then register their interest in participating. 
Once vetted, those customers gain access to a wide range of AMD Ryzen-powered products, which one of the approved partners then ship direct to the customer. 

They are then given the opportunity to test the device over a 90-day period, providing AMD with invaluable user feedback that taps into its own future product development, as well as providing data for purchasers.

Consenna’s expansion journey continues to be bolstered by strategic appointments, supporting the growth of its network of clients, channel partners and suppliers. 
Chief among them is Charles Quinn, who has joined the company as a Non-Executive Director. 

The Herald:

With more than two decades of senior executive leadership experience at some of the world’s most successful technology brands, including Dell, HP and Microsoft, Charles Quinn is also a ‘GlobalScot’ – the worldwide network of entrepreneurial and inspirational business leaders dedicated to supporting Scotland’s most ambitious companies.

He said: “I hugely admire how Douglas and Paul have built a multi-million pound business in Consenna that provides a simple yet vital service to everyone involved in the IT buyer and seller process. 

“I look forward to continuing to grow their business, expand its geographical and international presence, and nurture its own innovative solutions to continue to transform the way people buy and sell their IT.” 

Douglas Jeffrey continued: “I am truly delighted that we have someone of the calibre of Charles on board at Consenna. He embraces the Consenna way of doing world-class business in a world-class way.

“It’s an exciting time for the company as the Fourth Industrial Revolution transforms our sector. We aim to continue leading the way in this process.”
In a world where IT meets sales, Consenna is scripting a resounding success story – a Scottish beacon guiding global IT commerce through innovation, agility and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


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