Scottish bar and restaurant group Buzzworks has declared it is looking to explore “new growth opportunities” by "taking the winning formula to new locations”, after what it described as strong trading across all 20 of its venues.

Kilmarnock-based Buzzworks says it is “trading ahead of expectations” and projecting sales will be up more than 25% on the previous year. It did not provide figures for sales revenues.

The group, which is owned by Kenny Blair and employs more than 800 people, said its newest offerings on the east coast, Herringbone Abbey Hill and 30 Knots, had contributed to the success.

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It added that Outboard in South Queensferry had also helped expand its customer base by “bringing in a new audience with its dog-friendly offering nestled amongst Scotland’s famous three bridges”.

Mr Blair revealed he is “looking to further accelerate growth by taking the winning formula to new locations”.

He said: “It’s been a challenging climate for hospitality operators for some time and we’ve not been immune, but the tailwind of opportunity is here and we plan to catch it.

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“Based on insights from across our portfolio, as well as our detailed understanding of the market, we believe there is an opportunity for significant growth in Scotland. You have to look for the opportunities and adjust - the best companies always do and that’s what will drive us forward at pace. We have a successful format and vision that we won’t compromise on.”

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Mr Blair spelled out Buzzworks’ philosophy on new openings.

He said: “When we open in a new location our commitment is to invest in more than bricks and mortar. It’s not just opening a bar or restaurant to us. It’s about community and if we can make living in a town just that little bit better, we’ve done our job.

"We’ve always stood by this and by creating jobs and careers for local people, as well as bringing an aspirational dining experience and a place for socialising, [and] the community has shown its support by coming through our doors week after week. We are forever mindful and grateful of that.”