Four Scottish castle hotels feature in a UK top 10 list compiled by South Western Railway.

Castles around the UK have been ranked on their TripAdvisor ratings, as well  as the total number of reviews and percentage of five-star reviews and value score on this platform and the starting price per night, to generate an overall score out of 100. 

Nineteenth-century Fonab Castle in Perthshire is ranked second in the UK, behind only Pentillie Castle and Estate in Devon.

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Faside Estate, near Musselburgh, is placed third in the UK table.

Kilmartin Castle in Argyll is in seventh place. Barcaldine Castle, also in Argyll, is in eighth spot.

Calli Ward, head of marketing at South Western Railway, said: “We’re so lucky to have such an abundance of beautiful castles steeped in history here in the UK, and even luckier that we can still experience them today. Castles are synonymous with British heritage, so what could be a more magical way to soak up our country’s history than staying in your very own fortress.”

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South Western Railway says of Fonab Castle: “The remarkable Fonab Castle is a listed mansion built in 1892, hidden amongst an 11-acre estate. With an almost perfect 4.5 [out of] 5 TripAdvisor score and almost 4,000 reviews, visitors have clearly been blown away by Fonab Castle.

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“The castle became a hospital during the First World War but was restored in 2013 to become [a] five-star hotel. Luxurious features include the woodland spa and an award-winning dining experience.”

Of Faside, South Western Railway says: “Faside’s origins go as far back as 1189 and feature a rich and bloody history. It was set alight by the English before the Battle of Pinkie Cleigh and hosted Mary, Queen of Scots, on the eve of the Carberry Hill Battle. It scores a perfect 5 [out of] 5 rating on TripAdvisor as an astonishing 98% of the reviews are all 5-star.

“Its tactical position on a high ridge means that modern-day guests enjoy unspoilt views of East Lothian and the Firth of Forth. Edinburgh and Musselburgh are only a few miles away for a day trip.”