What’s the story?

Evil Genius with Russell Kane.

I’ll need more information.

This new five-part TV series - inspired by the comedian’s hit BBC Sounds podcast of the same name - is set to premiere on Sky History.

Each week Kane will be joined by a trio of celebrity guests to examine and unpick the reputation of a famous figure from history in a bid to determine whether they were, as the show’s name suggests, evil or genius.

What can we expect?

Buckle up. According to the programme blurb, it poses a slew of thorny, thought-provoking and, arguably, entertaining questions.

These include: “Was Winston Churchill a booze-sodden imperialist? Was Albert Einstein’s greatest work plagiarised from his wife? Was Coco Chanel a Nazi spy? Was Richard Nixon really a founding father of environmentalism? Was Pablo Escobar a modern-day Robin Hood?”

As Kane himself puts it: “I’ve never been so excited to take people I admire, then cover them in dirty truths.”

Who are the guests?

The eclectic list features Judi Love, Geoff Norcott, Charlie Higson, Rachel Parris, Ria Lina, Rick Edwards, Tom Allen, Kerry Godliman, Michelle de Swarte, Miles Jupp, Maisie Adam, Desiree Burch, Jon Richardson, Alex Brooker and Ellie Taylor, alongside expert contributors and historians.

When can I watch?

Evil Genius with Russell Kane begins on Sky History and NOW, Monday, 9pm.