A man was left over £1,000 out of pocket after a furniture company abruptly shuttered its doors - then was told to "f*** off" when he asked about his order.

Stephen Wales and his wife, of East Kilbride, purchased a sofa and a bed from Furniture T Go in Uddingston on October 22 for £1,444.

The furniture was due to be delivered on Wednesday, November 15, but the couple wanted to reschedule.

However, when they phoned Furniture T Go there was no answer and the shop itself was shuttered.

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Mr Wales then sent an email to the address on their Facebook page, only to receive a foul-mouthed riposte.

An email response said: "We will deliver this order where it suits us.

"We also have a bigger company and are opening in braehead Renfrew (sic) and so f*** off dick.

"Regards, Stewart Fleming and Scott Craig."

The Herald:

A post script added: "Bust now with f*** all you can do about you can about it (sic) take us to court."

Mr Wales' invoice was for Furniture T Go and his credit card bill was charged to Rannoch Furniture Group, which has not filed its accounts due on October 31 of this year.

Its sole director is a Steven Craig, and Furniture T Go is located on Rannoch Road in Uddingston.

Furniture T Go Ltd last filed accounts up to June 30, 2022, with its accounts for the following year not due until March of 2024.

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In its latest set of financial statements the company had £238,388 worth of assets, of which £162,810 were stocks, £42,615 money it was owed and £32,963 was cash at hand.

It owed £237,654 to creditors falling due within the next year and a further £29,167 due after more than one year.

Of the money due within the following 12 months, £10,000 was in the form of bank loans, £5,490 in hire purchase contracts, £59,244 was taxation and social security, £138,144 was owed to suppliers and a further £24,766 to other creditors.

The £29,167 due after more than 12 months was in the form of loans from the bank.

Scott Craig was appointed as the sole director and secretary of the company on July 7 of this year, replacing Tracey Ann McNeill who had incorporated New Edinburgh Ltd, the day before.

New Edinburgh Ltd is listed as "agents involved in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery".

Mr Wales has notified Trading Standards, and has been sent a receipt by Santander to execute a chargeback on his credit card.

He said: "This situation stresses the importance of paying for things on a credit card even if you plan to pay it off immediately."

Furniture T Go's listed phone number was not in service when The Herald attempted to contact the company.

An email to the address listed on the firm's Facebook page received the response: "To you, no comment.

The Herald: The response sent to The HeraldThe response sent to The Herald (Image: Newsquest)

"What can you do about it we are closing Anthony the person in question is as you probably know is pain in the arse (sic)."

Mr Wales' first name is Stephen. He then received another email from the address linked to the company.

It read: "Hi arse I see you got intouch (sic) with Gaby McKay from the herald she is also an arse try someone else."

The author of this piece is male.

After The Herald contacted Furniture T Go, Mr Wales said he received a phone call from someone purporting to be Scott Craig who blamed employees laid off when the business went under for hacking the account.