LOCATED the heart of Edinburgh, a gastronomic gem awaits the Scotland’s pizza enthusiasts and wholesalers – East PIZZAS Dough.

The popular firm has evolved from a pizzeria which utilised the best of Scottish produce such as Great Glen Charcuterie - to branching out with a new wholesale and home delivery service for pre-made sourdough and pizza bases.  

The Herald:

Such is its success that the team had formed 2000 perfect doughballs to be shipped across the country last Wednesday alone.

Located in Unit A3, Gracemount Business Pavilions, East PIZZAS Dough is managed by the dynamic duo Roly and Rob and stands out for its commitment to tradition and the art of crafting the perfect sourdough pizza.

What sets East PIZZAS Dough apart is its devotion to authenticity. Every dough and pizza base is meticulously crafted from a 72-hour proven sourdough recipe, comprising only flour, water, and salt. Roly and Rob, who embarked on this culinary journey after bidding farewell to the corporate world, have not only mastered the art of sourdough but have also created a haven for pizza lovers in Edinburgh.

Since opening its doors in October 2017, East PIZZAS became a beloved spot for the local community, offering classic sourdough pizzas that showcase the finest Scottish ingredients. With ingredients such as Scottish mozzarella by The Kedar Cheese Company, every pizza is a celebration of local flavours.

The Herald:

When the pandemic hit, East PIZZAS responded to the evolving needs of its customers. Recognizing the love for their 72-hour proven sourdough dough balls, the duo introduced East PIZZAS Dough.

A mission was born – to provide pizza enthusiasts with the best pre-made sourdough pizza dough. The result? A simple yet perfect blend of flour, water, salt, and time, encapsulated in convenient 250g dough balls, individually wrapped for ease. Whether stored in the freezer or refrigerator, these dough balls are ready to be transformed into the ideal pizza base.

Not stopping there, East PIZZAS Dough now offers pre-cooked sourdough bases, cooked at high heat for just one minute. Puffy and flawless, these bases provide a quick and delicious canvas for home pizza creations.

In a world that craves both tradition and innovation, East PIZZAS Dough emerges as a quintessential Scottish delight – a celebration of time-honoured sourdough craftsmanship blended with the convenience of modern living. For pizza aficionados seeking a taste of Scotland in every bite, East PIZZAS Dough is the answer.