A NEW housing scheme which demonstrates how innovations in the building industry can improve the quality of homes, has opened in Primrose Field, Harlow.o

Cedarwood Court, which was developed in partnership between Harlow Council, Swan Housing Group, the Housing Corporation and Harlow Co-operative Development Agency, consists of 12 two-bedroom flats for rent, including a full mobility flat.

It was built to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, reduce water use through recycling and incorporate a 'future proofed' cabling system allowing easy access for future innovation.

Cedarwood Court is one of a number of national projects to promote advances in building design and construction and is part of the government supported Integer programme, which stands for intelligent and green.

The tenants, who all come from the council's waiting list, have formed a co-operative to manage the building themselves.

Over the next year they will monitor their heating and water bills to help measure the success of the scheme.

The council's housing portfolio holder, Derek Eardley, said: "I'm very pleased the council is involved in such an innovative project.

"Minimising running costs for tenants is an important target for the council and we will watch the progress with great interest."