An Addiscombe man's life was saved because he overslept and avoided being hit by a lorry which crashed into the front of his home.

The Wimbledon tram was passing Addiscombe tram stop at 10.50am on February 7 when the lorry drove across the level crossing on Bingham Road and its rear end hit the front of the tram.

The lorry hit a traffic light and destroyed a Telewest box before knocking down a brick wall outside a Bingham Road house.

Kemal Kaplan-Kiran, had been working late with his wife Firdefs and his 21 year-old son at the Beckenham kebab shop he owns and were asleep at the time of the crash.

Mr Kaplan-Kiran told the Guardian: "I was awoken by the crash and when I opened my front door I just couldn't believe what I saw."

"At that time I would normally be getting ready to go out the door but on this occasion I had over-slept.

A policeman said: "The lorry travelled along two wheels before going into the house."

The driver of the lorry was taken to Mayday hospital to be treated for back pain.

Policemen remained on the scene to warn drivers approaching the level crossing, after the traffic lights stopped working and the lorry was removed at 1.30pm.

Mr Kaplan and his family now wish to move out of their home after the lorry ground to a halt inches from their front door.

He said: "There are a lot of accidents in this road. We are so near the tram stop and I no longer feel safe here.

Mr Kaplan, who has a 18 year-old daughter at Old Palace school added: "The only thing I am happy about is the fact no one was hurt."