I see Stephen Giles-Medhurst wishes to have another word on the thorny question of democracy.

It seems we have different interpretations of that elusive concept. Let me jog his memory of past events regarding the Cannon Lane development.

In March 1996, Harrow Council's development and planning committee, after a confidential report from a planning officer, adopted a brief for what was later to become the Cannon Lane development for a denominational school and housing estate.

The Liberal Democrats were then the dominant force on Harrow Council. Three of them represented my ward, Pinner West: councillors Finch, Walster and Tuck. Did they, after that 1996 meeting, attempt democratically to enlighten residents affected by the development as to what was afoot? Did they call a residents' meeting, or consultation, for instance? Did they Hell.

In the matter of the Cannon Lane development, I have gone along, and will continue to do so, with the councillors who have helped the residents concerned with the development. We are still being helped in our fight and have already won a concession after the narrowing of the pavement at the Cannon Lane-Village Way junction: British Gas has conceded that the space is now dangerous and will be widened.

It is up to residents to see that our neighbourhood is protected from any further gross overdevelopment in an already congested area. This seems democratic procedure to me.

Eileen Simpson, Eastern Avenue,


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