The acting head of Bruce Grove Junior School has called on parents to help maintain security by acting as `wardens' in the playground at lunch and breaktimes.

He proposed the idea after a dinner lady was stabbed in front of terrified pupils in the school playground last week.

On Tuesday a group of parents mounted a protest outside the school in Sperling Road to call for tougher security.

Meanwhile Geoff Webb, the headteacher who wrestled with and disarmed the attacker, has resigned from his post.

In a tribute to Mr Webb, acting headteacher Geoff McAfee compared him to Philip Lawrence, the headmaster killed defending one of his pupils from attack outside his school.

School staff have met Tottenham police to look at ways of improving security.

Among the ideas being considered by the school are extra police patrols in the area after school and an intercom system at the school gate.

But Mr McAfee has also proposed that parents could play their part in keeping a watchful eye on pupils in school hours and on school grounds.

He explained "It's a practical idea. Parents who are interested in security issues could make a voluntary commitment to the school.

"They would come in at lunchtimes and playtimes to make the playground a much safer environment. They could play with their children and use their vigilance to protect them."

At the protest on Tuesday parents confronted Mr McAfee to call for swift action on security.

Parent Tara McCann said: "By sending my child to school I'm putting the most precious thing in the world into the care of someone else. I want to be sure they're safe.

"We can't have a situation where anyone can just walk into the playground, as happened last week.

"We've been raising the issue of security for two years with the governors but nothing's been done."

But Mr McAfee said children's security and safety was paramount in the minds of staff at the school.

He said: "I understand the concerns of parents but I'm asking those who took part in the demonstration to stop creating anxiety. We are totally committed to the well being of the children.

Praising Mr Webb, who worked at the school for a decade, Mr AcAfee said: "We are saddened to see Geoff go. He was brave and many would not have done what he did. Philip Lawrence, who died, was a hero. He put his life on the line for his children. Geoff Webb did the same and he too should be recognised as a hero."

He added that the resignation was not connected with the attack last Wednesday.

l A 49-year-old man has been charged with the attempted murder of a dinner lady at Bruce Grove Junior School in Tottenham. Tulay Karagulmez, of Berkley Road, Crouch End, is charged with repeatedly stabbing Sozen Abidin, 50, in the school playground last Wednesday.

Miss Abidin was repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen

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