A CURE for haemophilia is one step closer after “mind-blowing results” from a gene therapy trial.

The condition, which puts sufferers at risk of excessive bleeding even from slight injuries, severely affects 2,000 people in the UK. It can also cause life-threatening internal bleeding and there is no known cure.

Sufferers of the hereditary condition, which mainly impacts men, “have virtually none” of the protein factor VIII needed for blood to clot.

The trial, led by Barts Health NHS Trust, saw 13 patients injected with a copy of the missing gene. All 13 patients were able to stop regular treatment and 11 have got “normal or nearly normal” levels of the missing protein factor after 19 months.

Jake Omer, 29, of Billericay, said: “The gene therapy has changed my life.”

Professor John Pasi, Haemophilia Centre director, said: “We have seen mind-blowing results which f ar