HUNDREDS of Scottish scientists and academics have warned against voting to leave the EU, with days to go before the historic referendum.

Ten Nobel prize winning economists – including Professor Sir James Mirrlees, a member of Nicola Sturgeon’s Council of Economic Advisers and Edinburgh-born economist at Princeton Univeristy, Professor Sir Angus Deaton - are among those uniting to insist that the economic case is "clearly in favour" of the UK remaining part of EU.

A total of 205 scientists in Scotland – among 3,414 UK-wide - have signed a joint statement saying leaving the EU would “stifle our science, innovation and jobs.”

Professor Dame Anne Glover, the former chief scientific adviser for Scotland, said: “Our science, engineering and technology thrives through the funding and collaboration membership of the EU delivers. This is the core of a successful sustainable economy. We mustn't condemn future generations to impoverished obscurity.”

Professor Sir Harry Burns, the former chief medical officer for Scotland and a member of the Scotland Stronger In Europe Advisory Group, also urged voters to back the EU.

He said: “The challenges facing humanity in the next century are profound. Solidarity, as we seek to solve climate change, hunger, conflict and inequality will be essential. Retreating behind our borders solves nothing. We need to influence the EU from within to build solutions for the future.”

Businesses and universities in Scotland have received over £200,000 from the EU science fund since 2014 and is set to receive a total of nearly £1.2 billion by 2020 if the UK votes to remain in the EU.