ANAS Sarwar has had a tense meeting with the police union official who accused him of “playing the race card” after he questioned stop and search rates.

The Labour MSP met David Hamilton, the vice chair of the Scottish Police Federation, in a coffee shop next to the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee.

Daniel Johnson, Labour’s justice spokesman at Holyrood, was also present.

Mr Sarwar was overheard voicing his displeasure at Mr Hamilton’s comments, and saying he was better placed to discuss racism than he was.

The sit-down followed a public row between the two men earlier this week, after the MSP claimed new government research showed ethnic minorities were four times as likely to be stopped by police, calling it an example of “everyday racism”.

The report’s author said the inference was wrong, as the data was incomplete.

David Hamilton, vice chair of the SPF, criticised the MSP on Twitter, saying he had ignored key facts and instead chosen to “play the race card” against Police Scotland officers.

SPF general secretary Calum Steele also accused Mr Sarwar of cynical “shroud waving”.

Mr Sarwar accused the SPF of trying to “shut down” debate on the issue.

Mr Sarwar and Mr Hamilton agreed to meet up in Dundee to discuss the matter.

Afterwards, Mr Sarwar posed for a photograph with Mr Hamilton at the SPF’s conference stall, tweeting “Voluntarily stopped and searched at the Scottish Police Federation stand...”

A source close to Mr Sarwar said there had been a “constructive exchange of views” and that dialogue between the two would continue.

Mr Hamilton said there had been a "robust and helpful exchange of views".