Customers in the UK have been warned that personal data may have been compromised after an online firm that creates football shirts for amateur clubs was targeted by cyber criminals.

Team Shirts said they had been the victim of an organised attack that was carried out with "considerably viscious criminal intent".

The perpetrators were able to hack into servers and access stored data that they have the ability to publish, the company said.

It includes addresses and passwords stored before 2014. 

Customers were being advised to change their passwords. The firm is based in the US but has a UK presence.

In an email the firm said: "Data security has the highest priority for us and we deeply regret that personal data has been accessed as a result of this cyber-attack. 

"The unidentified perpetrators managed to hack into our servers and access data stored there, and they possess the ability to publish this information. 

"The data accessed includes address information and password hashes saved before 2014."

We are currently working closely with external cyber-security experts to ensure
that this kind of incident cannot happen again and we have informed the
relevant authorities.