The Scottish Government is set to ditch its 'FACTS' slogan after Covid restrictions were eased to level zero and left some of it irrelevant, it has been reported.  

The acronym has been used to promote safe behaviour during the pandemic, encouraging the use of face coverings, urging people to avoid crowds, clean their hands, keep a two-metre distance and self-isolate if ill. 

However, the two-metre social distancing guidance - which forms the slogan's letter T - was yesterday cut to one metre in indoor public places.

And self-isolation for the double-jabbed - the “S” in the slogan - is set to end on August 9.

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A Scottish Government spokesperson told The Sun, it was “reviewing FACTS” as restrictions were eased.

Tory health spokeswoman Annie Wells said the campaign “undoubtedly helped, but was nowhere near as successful as the government likes to claim”.


Covid restictions on gatherings are easing 

The long-awaited drop to the bottom rung of Covid curbs also saw social distancing cut from two metres to one metre, allowing more people to meet up inside and outside.

However, Nicola Sturgeon urged caution as she pointed out that - unlike the situation in England - there’s not yet been a “wholesale” axing of restrictions north of the border.

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The First Minister said we still had to move slowly, with third wave cases on the decline but still high.

Ms Sturgeon said: “There is a further gradual easing of Covid restrictions - but not a wholesale abandoning of restrictions.

“Please continue to stick to limits on gatherings, observe appropriate distance, wear face coverings, ventilate rooms and wash hands.”