A Scottish local authority has topped the list of desirable places to live, with house sale enquiries up 500% on last year.

A report, released by We Buy Any Home, revealed that East Renfrewshire came out on top with the property market in Scotland booming. 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic causing hardship on the economy and employment rate, the stamp duty holiday and rise of remote working has provided Brits with a better chance at uprooting and selling their homes.  

We Buy Any Home’s latest study reveals the last 3.5 years of property sale enquiry trends across the UK, including overall and localised trends and the most common reasons why people are selling.



Throughout the last three years, the main reason most Scottish homeowners enquire about selling their home, is to sell a second home. These figures suggest Scots have had to focus on cutting back unnecessary costs. In second place, is the desire to upsize, with 17% of homeowners in Scotland looking for a bigger home adding to the recent property boom.

Analysing the past four years’ worth of house sale enquiries, the UK’s leading home buying company We Buy Any Home have revealed the most desirable place to move to in the UK. 

The location seeing the most homeowners looking to uproot is East Renfrewshire, which saw a 500% year on year increase in house sale enquiries from 2020 to 2021. 

The City of Edinburgh follows with the most significant hike in enquiries with up 81%, whilst the Shetland Islands have seen the third biggest increase of 50%. 


On the other side of the spectrum, Angus, Argyll and Bute and Perth and Kinross all saw the biggest decrease in enquiries since 2020, with Angus seeing the most notable decline at -63%. 

The report said: “Nothing has exemplified the importance of home more than the pandemic and as remote working becomes increasingly popular, a happy and content home life is more vital than ever. 

“Generally, the reasons people look for a quick sale are positive in the UK and reflect a mounting desire for more space after being cramped indoors. 

“Otherwise, if you want to avoid an awkward split, move to Scotland which boasts four of the countries least likely to move due to relationship breakdown.”