WAVERLEY passengers were treated to another "magnificent display" by a pod of dolphins yesterday.

Lucky passengers on board the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world were able to catch a glimpse of the moment by Greenock - just days after a previous visit. 

Sharing a video on the Waverely Excursions Twitter, they wrote: "The crew of Waverley were treated to another magnificent display by the Greenock dolphins this morning!"


Later that day passengers on the afternoon cruise were treated to a Coastguard helicopter fly-by near Arran.


Speaking to The Herald at the weekend, general manager Paul Semple said sightings had been going on close to the paddle steamer over the last few days on the Clyde.

He said: "It's unusual to see dolphins this far up the Clyde off Custom House Key, but there's always a really great interest for passengers and crew alike to see dolphins swimming ahead of the ship."

While dolphins are common in Scottish waters, it is not so common for the animals to be spotted so far up the Clyde.

Waverley is currently operating on the Firth of Clyde with sailings continuing until August 29.