Famous faces are set to descend upon Glasgow in November for COP26.

Greta Thunberg is the latest to add her name to the list, joining others including President Joe Biden and Pope Francis.

The news comes as it was announced unvaccinated travellers will be allowed entry to the COP26 climate change conference without having to isolate, in a special relaxation of coronavirus rules. 

An estimated 20-25,000 people from across the world are expected to be attending the Glasgow summit, with pressure mounting on the UK and Scottish Governments to ensure its success and secure agreements with world leaders to take drastic action to tackle global warming.

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We take a look at who is hoping to attend this year's conference.

Greta Thunberg

HeraldScotland: Greta Thunberg has now said she'll come to GlasgowGreta Thunberg has now said she'll come to Glasgow

Young climate change activisit Greta Thunberg is the latest to announce she is hoping to head to this year's conference.

Greta said: “I've said before that I wasn't going to go if it wasn't fair.

“But now they say that they will vaccinate all the delegates that are going there.

“If that's considered fair and safe, then I will hopefully attend."

The 18-year-old also said she hoped the IPCC report will act as “a wake-up call, in every possible way” for world leaders.

She added: "When these extreme weather events are happening, many say, what will it take for people in power to start acting? What are they waiting for?

“And it will take many things, but especially, it will take massive pressure from the public and massive pressure from the media.”

Joe Biden

HeraldScotland: American president Biden will be in GlasgowAmerican president Biden will be in Glasgow

The American president, who was elected in last years election, hopes that COP26 will play a way to help heal the world and bring countries together and solve the climate challenge.

“In a world of fractured politics, action on climate can now draw nations and peoples together, and we have a chance of both managing the immense risk of climate change and finding a new sustainable, inclusive and resilient path to development and growth,” he said.

John Kerry

HeraldScotland: John Kerry, presidential envoy for climate, will be there with BidenJohn Kerry, presidential envoy for climate, will be there with Biden

John Kerry believes that Glasgow is the last chance to save the world.

He said: "It's not the last chance for survival, but it's the last chance to minimise the damages and the changes on planet earth. Rich countries will find a way (to deal with the impact)...this is only going to accentuate the great divide between the haves and have nots.

"The developing nations are going to feel it the worst. In the developing nations, more people are going to get hit the hardest if we don't move.

"We can do this, but we got to get going. Glasgow is the last best hope to avoid the worst consequences and to avoid the planet changing in ways that are even hard to predict."

David Attenborough

HeraldScotland: David%Attenborough will have a role to play in COP26David%Attenborough will have a role to play in COP26

David Attenborough will also have a role at the conference, in a bid to convince world leaders climate change is a real threat.

Attenborough said: "There could not be a more important moment that we should have international agreement.

"The epidemic has shown us how crucial it is to find agreement among nations if we are to solve such worldwide problems. But the problems that await us within the next five to ten years are even greater.

"It is crucial that these meetings in Glasgow, COP26, have success, and that at last the nations will come together to solve the crippling problems that the world now faces."

Pope Francis

HeraldScotland: Pope Francis will be in ScotlandPope Francis will be in Scotland

The Pope has also confirmed he will be in attendance. The Bishops Conference of Scotland said: “The Pope will be in Scotland for a very short time, most of which will be spent participating in the Cop26 conference."

The leader of the Catholic church has often spoken about the dangers of climate change. He has previously warned: “There is a real danger that we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse."

196 countries will be represented with over 20,000 delegates from around the world.