A statue depicting Mel Gibson’s William Wallace has been unveiled at Brechin City FC’s ground, and fan reactions have been doing the rounds online.

The Braveheart statue – which looms large at 13 foot – was created by Brechin City resident, Tommy Church, and after having travelled across Scotland has now finally found its permanent home.

STV Newsreader and local Brechiner Andrea Brymer unveiled the statue, and The Brechin Football Community Trust set up games for children at the event.

Community Manager at Brechin City FC, Clark Renilson said that he was pleased with mixed age range in attendance of the statue unveiling event.


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He said: “There must have been approximately 250 to 300 people in total at the event, so that was a mixture of all age groups.”

"The statue has been in various places throughout Scotland, and it was offered to the club just this year as the sculptor is a resident of the town.

“This will be the final resting place, where it will remain.”

Although the unveiling was not supposed to be humorous, the reaction coming from twitter could arguably be as entertaining as the 1995 Oscar winning picture.

Some Brechin city fans have poked light-hearted fun at the Sculpture due to the dramatic expression on the face of it.

One Twitter user commented: “Has he accidently stepped on a piece of Lego?”



Whilst other users compared the expression on the statue to a famous piece of artwork known as ‘The Scream’.

However, it was all in good nature as the event on the day raised more than £600 for kidney dialysis- the chosen charity by the sculptor Tommy Church.