A STRANGE light spotted in the sky overnight which sparked confusion and speculation over 'UFO' claims has been revealed as being a NASA rocket. 

Many people across the UK spotted the white light moving in the sky last night and questioned what it was.

Pictures taken show the strange triangle shaped object light up the sky, heading in a north direction.

However, despite many letting their imagination get the better of them, it appears the strange light was actually the Atlas V rocket, carring a satellite to monitor the earth's landscapes.

Landsat 9, a NASA satellite built to monitor the Earth’s land surface, successfully launched at 2.12pm EDT - 6.12pm in the UK - on Monday from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.


Part of the burnout could be seen across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Denmark.

A post explaining the real reason behind the strange light was shared onto a North Coast 500 Facebook group in the north of Scotland

One user commented: "I saw this driving home from work.... the sky was jet black and it stood out so brightly!"

Another, tagging their friend, said: "This must have been what you saw last night!"

A third, poking fun at the ongoing fuel shortage, joked: "I bet it filled up at Shell!"

Commenting on the launch, ASA Administrator Bill Nelson said: “NASA uses the unique assets of our own unprecedented fleet, as well as the instruments of other nations, to study our own planet and its climate systems."

“With a 50-year data bank to build on, Landsat 9 will take this historic and invaluable global program to the next level.

"We look forward to working with our partners at the U.S. Geological Survey and the Department of the Interior again on Landsat Next, because we never stop advancing our work to understand our planet.”