A 'THUNDERSNOW' warning for large parts of Scotland has been extended, the Met Office have confirmed. 

Frost and heavy snow have been causing travel disruption in across Scotland over the past few days after record high tempratures on New Year's day plummeted.

Two yellow warnings are in effect in Scotland that cover a huge chunk of the mainland.

Today's warning is in place from 10am until 4pm and brings a risk of disruption as the Met Office predict longer journey times and public transport delays,

Roads in the north remain relativley clear with Scotland's gritters and snow plows out in full force the past 48-hours. 

However, the worst is seemingly yet to come, with the forecaster extending the innitial warning from 8pm tonight until mid-day on Friday.

People all across Scotland can expect travel delays on roads, stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail, ferry and air travel as the warning continues. 

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A Met Office spokesperson said: "Frequent wintry showers arriving from the west during Thursday evening and overnight are likely to lead to a fresh covering of snow for some areas.

"Winds will be gusty around heavier showers and there is also a risk of lightning strikes from isolated thunderstorms in some coastal districts."

According to the forecasters, there is a chance that power cuts will occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected and rural communities could become cut off.

It comes as at least eight lifeline CalMac ferry services have been suspended as high winds hit Scotland today, with winds of up to 65mph being reported.

So far, there are no further warnings beyond Frday at 12pm, with tempratures across the country set stay within 1-10 degrees on mainland Scotland with frequent rain.