AN SNP politician has become the latest MP to say she is willing to give a home to a refugee family fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

Dr Lisa Cameron MP said she “felt a duty” to step forward after seeing footage of the conflict and hearing the stories of people making for the border to escape the violence.  

More than one and a half million people – mostly women and children - have fled Ukraine to escape the Russian aggression and are sheltering in neighboring countries.   

A number of MPs, including Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Lib Dem leader Ed Davey, have said they will offer up room in their homes for refugees. Shadow Transport Secretary Louise Haigh and former health secretary Matt Hancock also say they will put their names forward, while Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove has said he will sponsor a refugee.

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In an interview with Go Radio, Dr Cameron said: “I’ve been watching the scenes unfold on television and social media and I’ve been hearing about it in parliament as well and I just felt a duty to step forward and offer support wherever I can. 

“When the (UK) Government announced the scheme, I thought ‘well that’s something that we can help with. I spoke with my husband and we want to support this crisis because it’s a real humanitarian crisis, and it’s touched us all.” 

The UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme will allow both people and organisations to give Ukrainians fleeing the war a safe place to stay. 

Those offering a place to stay will receive a tax-free monthly payment of £350, but will need to offer refugees a home for a minimum period of six months. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said Scotland could welcome 3000 refugees from Ukraine as “an immediate step” before taking in “at least a proportionate share” of those people coming to the UK. 

Dr Cameron said that she and her husband, who have two small children, have enough room in their home as they converted a bedroom and bathroom downstairs for an elderly relative who has since died. 

She is hoping that her local priest, who is originally from Poland and has been helping with relief efforts for Ukrainian refugees, will be able to put her in touch with a family looking for a place to stay.

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The MP for East Kilbride said that refugees will need more support than just accommodation, as many will have been traumatizes by the horrors they have witnessed.  

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She said: “Given everything we’ve been seeing – It's entirely natural to experience trauma in relation to a war situation where you are being invaded, you’re losing everything that you have worked for in your life in the country that you love. 

“I think there’s going to have to be a huge psychological effort in terms of supporting people’s mental health as well as their physical wellbeing, in terms of providing homes.”