A plan to build a memorial to Scots accused of witchcraft at a new 'eco-therapy' park has moved a step further.

National Pride has said it is supportive of creating a lasting tribute at a leisure and wellness centre it is building in St Ninians, near Kelty in Fife.

Irene Bisset and Andy Whitlock, the company's directors, hosted representatives from Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland (RAWS) and local councillors to identify possible locations for the memorial.

RAWS was set up to raise awareness of the 4,000 or so people who were accused of witchcraft by the church and state in Scotland between the 16th and 18th centuries.

It has led a campaign for a national memorial to be erected in Scotland to memorialise and pay respect to those accused and killed.

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It follows the Scottish Government’s posthumous apology to the thousands of people persecuted as witches in Scotland earlier this month.

There are plans to build a memorial to thousands of Scots accused of witchcraft between the 14th and 18th centuries

National Pride (St Ninians) Ltd will soon lodge proposals to Fife Council for the creation of an "environmentally sensitive" health, wellness and leisure destination.

Andy Whitlock from National Pride UK, said: “Before we look to take the next steps on hosting a national memorial for those accused witches, we will seek to engage extensively on the potential design for this.

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“As an Eco-Therapy Park accessible to the public, St Ninians Wellness will be a place of nature-based healing and we fully agree with those who have identified it as a fitting location for such a memorial.”

Elizabeth McMann, Trustee of Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland (RAWS), said: “We set out to get a pardon from the state, an apology from the church, and a memorial to commemorate the accused witches in Scotland, as well as those throughout the world.

“Having visited St Ninians, we believe that this is an ideal place to put the much-desired memorial and it is especially relevant as a location given the major role that Fife played in pursuing those accused of witchcraft.”

Sara Kelly, co-founder of RAWS, added:“St Ninians would be the ideal location, it is highly accessible, and is somewhere that anyone who is interested could visit on a regular basis.  Educating the general public and school children as part of this is also very important to us.”

National Pride is also taking forward plans for another wellness park outside Auchinleck in East Ayrshire.

However, the project has attracted 50 objections with opponents criticising the firm for missing out key information in their planning application.

Other objectors have complained about ‘meaningless’ wording, references to wildlife habitats and landscapes that have nothing to do with the Barony site, inaccurate assessments of native animals, the loss of more trees than originally indicated and "inexperienced" developers.

However, both Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and Auchinleck Community Council have backed the plan.

Irene Bisset, Director and Co-founder of The Barony NP (UK) Ltd said: “We take the ecological interests of the site seriously and will ensure that the important features on the site relating to biodiversity are retained and are considered throughout the design and planning process.

"There also seems to be a more general lack of understanding of the planning process in the concerns raised. What we are seeking to achieve here is Planning Permission in Principle (PPiP), which establishes the principle of development of the overall site, and this has been validated by the Council.

"Should we obtain PPiP from the Council, we will then follow up with detailed planning applications for elements, including accommodation and a detailed Landscape and Ecology Management Plan (LEMP)."