A polar bear cub who was born at Highland Wildlife Park near Aviemore has been named Brodie.

The cub was born in December and confirmed to be male during a health check last month.

The Royal Zoological Society Scotland (RZSS) held a competition to allow a member of the public to name the new cub.

Members of the public could donate to the prize draw to win the unique prize, and in total it raised more than £70,000 for the park.

Brodie's older brother Hamish was born to parents Victoria and Arktos at the same park in 2017, and was the first polar bear cub to be born in the UK in 25 years.

As part of the breeding programme for the species, Hamish was moved to Doncaster's Yorkshire Wildlife Park in November 2020.

At the moment, visitors to the park will not be able to see Brodie, who is currently sharing an enclosure with his mum.

The park have said mother and cub will remain in the off-show den until early spring, but visitors are still able to see the two males Walker and Arktos in the walkaround are of the park or at the beginning of the drive through reserve.