A 3D digital image of where Sheku Bayoh was restrained by officers before he died has been shown to an inquiry investigating his death.

Mark DeGiovanni, from Advanced Laser Imaging (ALI), a company used to create accurate 3D impressions of scenes, gave a demonstration at the public hearing in Edinburgh on how the remodelled scene was built.

Mr Bayoh, 31, died after being held down by police officers in the Hayfield area of Kirkcaldy, Fife, in May 2015.

His family have questioned whether his race played a part in his death.

A screenshot of ALI’s recreated 3D digital image of the scene where Sheku Bayoh was restrained (screenshot from Sheku Bayoh inquiry/PA)

Using police data and images from the time, laser scanners and drone footage, which captured more than 2,500 high-quality images of the location, ALI was able to remodel the scene to how it was at the time Mr Bayoh died to help with the investigation, the inquiry heard.

Mr DeGiovanni said the recreated image has certain features that were present at the time of his death but which have now changed.

For example, in Hayfield Road, the 3D remodel shows a footpath and pavement near where Mr Bayoh was restrained were different at the time of his death to how they are now.

The inquiry was shown various images of the newly remodelled scene, one of which included a symbol to mark where a knife Mr Bayoh had been carrying was found.

Mr DeGiovanni then demonstrated how to interact with the 3D image by zooming in and out of certain areas and by inserting a figure of a man.

ALI was used to recreate the scene where Diana, Princess of Wales died during an inquest that was held about a decade after her death.

Mr DeGiovanni said there are “many parallels” between ALI’s work on Diana’s inquest and the inquiry into Mr Bayoh’s death.

The inquiry, before Lord Bracadale, continues.