SIR Rod Stewart is planning a special show in Edinburgh and a special video in honour of his late father.

While the exact venue has yet to be confirmed, the date, November 13, has been pencilled in as a must for the legendary 77-year-old singer, who is a huge Scotland and Celtic fan.

He has previously spoken about his dad Robert, who worked as an Air Raid Precautions officer during the Second World War.

He said: "He was in the ARP, the air rescue police so he had to go to hospitals and pull out children.

“It involved bomb sites, you know a dreadful job, but he was brave and he did it.”

He said he was five months old when WW2 took place.

Ahead of Father’s Day, this weekend he has is also releasing a  video for his track ‘Touchline’. In addition, select tickets across Sir Rod Stewart’s tour will be donated to NHS frontline workers.

Sir Rod Stewart said: “If you know anything about me you know that our dad’s love of football has most definitely left its impact on me and my brothers and I’m delighted that it’s now such an important part of my children’s lives as well.

"The song “Touchline” was my tribute to him and I’m so happy and moved that the new video takes that to the ultimate level just in time for Father’s Day."

His father was Scottish and had been a master builder in Leith, Edinburgh.

His father bought him a guitar in January 1959, and he spurred him on in his ambition to become a professional footballer.

Both Rod Stewart's parents are buried on the eastern side of Highgate Cemetery, on the main north–south path, opposite the grave of Malcolm McLaren.

He previously revealed a Rangers player is engraved on his dad’s grave, Eric Caldow.

Stewart said: "We just played a magnificent show at the Hollywood Bowl which has me excited for both our North American and UK tours and it’s terrific that we’ll be able to have both NHS workers and doctors and nurses who have been on the front lines these last couple of years as our guests!”


Sir Rod has unveiled  a teaser video for his poignant tribute track Touchline  taken from his acclaimed album The Tears Of Hercules – with the full video coming tomorrow.

“A Scotsman and plumber by trade”, sings Sir Rod on the track.

The video is described as a "heartfelt dedication" to his father Robert, "speaking beautifully of his love for football, his eventual passing and watching over him and his family forever".

“Now it's my time on the side in the rain and watch my boys play the beautiful game.” he laments. “And sometimes, sometimes I look up to the clouds and I say ‘Dad I hope you're looking down, cause if it wasn't for you, all this might not have been.’” 

Following the release of his 31st studio album The Tears of Hercules, Sir Rod Stewart will once again hit the road in 2022 with a massive UK tour.

After Edinburgh he will be in  Nottingham on 16th November 2022 with additional stops at, London, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester before concluding in Newcastle on 22nd December.


Here are the lyrics to Touchline.


There he'd stand
Every Saturday afternoon
Rain pouring down that well worn face
With a cigarette in his mouth
Part of a tiny noisy crowd
He'd watch his sons play the game he loved
He would tell us lots of stories
Of heroes and glories
And the pride of the Wembley Wizards on Busby Babes
His enthusiasm was infectious
He bought us football boots for Christmas
Our dad was a Scotsman and a plumber by trade
I remember one time being three down at halftime
So, we looked at dad for a plan to turn the tide
He said, "Son we're not here to have fun"
That whinger's trying to welch me a muck
Tackle him hard, and leave him face down in the mud

On the touchline
On the touchline, our dad

A sturdy man of Caledonian and principles
And of course, we all believed him to be invincible
A father with a heart on the line
But as time went by those old legs grew tired
So we braced ourselves for the inevitable
One sunny afternoon, the final whistle blew
My two brothers and I took him to his grave
As a long piper played that beautiful amazing grace
Our touchline dad had died

Now the funeral was sad, but a humorous affair
Our dear old mom, God bless her, suffered memory loss
She said to my sister, "Where on Earth is your father?"
Sister Mary said, "Mom, he's at the front there in that box"

On the touchline, our dad
On the touchline, our dad

Now it's my time on the side in the rain
And watch my boys play the beautiful game
And sometimes, sometimes
I look up to the clouds and I say
"Dad I hope you're looking down"
'Cause if it wasn't for you
All this might not have been

On the touchline, our dad
On the touchline, our dad