A predatory care worker who sexually assaulted an 82-year-old woman in her own home has been struck off.

Alfred Harries pushed the elderly carer against a wall and attempted to kiss her then groped her on her legs and bottom.

A disciplinary hearing was told that the person who was receiving home care was in hospital at the time and there was no reason for the visit.

The attack was a "serious abuse of trust" and caused the woman to suffer "significant emotional distress".

It happened on June 17, 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic when government advice was to avoid home visits and remain socially distant from others.

Harries was not wearing PPE which put the elderly woman at increased risk of Covid-19 at a time when vaccines were not available.

Without her consent, he "held her against a wall, tried to kiss her and placed his hands on her bottom and legs."

He also gestured his head towards her breasts and said "show me".

He attended the woman's home when "it was likely" that he knew that the person requiring care was in hospital. The location of the incident was not disclosed to protect the woman's identity.

A hearing of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) was told that Herries had shown no insight or remorse for the "premeditated" attack and denied to his solicitor that the attack had taken place.

Whilst he is now retired, the SSSC said he was still entitled to work in the care service and that removing his registration was the only way to ensure the public's protection.

The SSSC said: "Your actions are considered very serious. 

"You significantly abused the trust of BB who allowed you into her home despite there being no reasonable basis for you to attend. 

"Your behaviour placed BB at risk of physical and emotional damage. 

"Your actions constitute a serious misuse of power and position, and an abuse of the trust placed in you.

"There is no evidence you acknowledge your failings and the lack of insight suggest the behaviour is likely to be repeated should you return
to work in social care."