More than 80 people died from causes related to Covid in Scotland last week – for the second week running.  

New data shows that 82 deaths in the week ending 17 July mentioned the virus as a contributory cause on the death certificate, the same as the week before.  

The number of deaths related to the virus have been rising for five weeks, from a low point of 39 on the week ending 11 June.  

Last week’s toll was a two-month high, with the previous number of 87 recorded in the week ending 7 May.  

The Office for National Statistics estimates that almost one in 16 people in Scotland currently have Covid, according to the latestfigures.  

This is equivalent to 334,000 people, or 6.34 per cent of the Scottish population. 

In the week ending 17 July 2022, there were on average 1,770 patients in hospital with Covid-19, a 6.1% increase from the previous week ending 10 July 2022, when the number was 1,669.