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Read our award-winning journalists, including Scottish Press Award winners, Brian Donnelly (Financial Business Journalist of the Year), Teddy Jamieson (Interviewer of the Year and also Arts and Entertainment Journalist of the Year), Neil Mackay (Feature Writer of the Year), health correspondent and Specialist Reporter of the Year, Helen McArdle and Joanna Blythman (Food and Drink Writer).


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Enjoy a broad range of opinions from across the political and social spectrum in Herald Voices, featuring the best columnists in Scotland


Follow the latest analysis and news from the best business team in Scotland, featuring editor, Ian McConnell and journalists Brian Donnelly, Kristy Dorsey and Scott Wright


In depth analysis of all Scottish sport from our team, featuring Matthew Lindsay, Chris Jack, Graeme McGarry, Liam Bryce, Aidan Smith and James Cairney, alongside regular guest writers


Access reader rewards and get advert-light access to our website


Support the work of the world’s longest running national newspaper in the world and quality journalism in Scotland

The subscription packages on offer include:

Website only

  • Provides access to all articles
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  • Puzzles: With over 50 new brainteasers each week

Digital pack

  • Complete access to our digital suite
  • Access to our ad-free app
  • A digital replica of our daily newspaper which you can flick through and read online

Print only

  • Includes newspaper vouchers, securing your print copy of the Herald seven days a week
  • The option of taking a four-week break for holidays, whenever you need it

When the four months are up, you will be able to continue your subscription gaining Website Only access for £6.99 monthly or £79.99 a year and to our Digital Pack for £9.99 per month or £99 annually. And you can liaise with our team on the Print Only subscription and how it can work best for you.

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