Images of the weird and wonderful creatures of the deep North Sea have been captured during routine maintenance on an oil and gas platform.  

Strange fish, pipes crusted with barnacles and even an octopus were recorded swimming near the massive installation, 350 meters beneath the waves.  

One of the denizens of the deep – a Common Ling – was even spotted having a bite to eat, although it looked as though it had bit more off than it could chew.

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During an inspection of the Gjoa platform, which pumps gas to Aberdeenshire, a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) captured the footage of the amazing variety of marine life . 

A couple of the species have made Gjoa their home, and are frequently seen below the installation.  

Neptune’s Gjoa is located in the Northern North Sea, some 27 miles off the west coast of the Norwegian city of Floro. 

It is the first floating production platform to be powered sustainably by onshore facilities, with a 62 mile submarine cable delivering hydropower-generated electricity from Mongstad. 

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Electricity from the mainland saves 200,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions annually. 

Oil from Gjoa is exported to the Mongstad crude oil terminal on the west coast of Norway, while gas is fed through the FLAGS pipeline to the St Fergus gas terminal in Aberdeenshire. 


What lies beneath   

Sea life in the video 


Angler fish 

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Common ling 

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