Forecasters are warning of a danger to life from high winds expected to hit Scotland this week.  

A yellow weather alert has been put in place for Glasgow and the north from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  

The Met Office is predicting winds of 60-70mph, and say there is a chance of “a small chance of injuries and danger to life from flying debris.” 

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The gusts could also cause damage to buildings, shake loose roof tiles and blow over unsecured garden furniture.  


The warning says that journey times could be affected through cancellations and disruption on road, rail, air and ferryroutes.  

There is a also small chance that some roads and bridges could close, while power cuts may occur. 

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The coast will also see significant waves whipped up by the strong winds.

The weather alert runs from 8pm on Tuesday night until 9am on Wednesday warning.  

Dan Stroud, operational meteorologist at the Met Office said: “We are expecting a deep area of low pressure to pass to the north of Scotland late Tuesday and into Wednesday.

“It is likely to bring a spell of strong and gusty winds to much of Scotland and northern England.

“The strongest winds will be across Scotland with gusts fairly widely up to 60mph and a risk of gusts reaching 80mph, most likely over the north of mainland Scotland, Lewis and Orkney.”