More than eight in 10 people believe wealth is concentrated in the hands of “too few people” in Scotland according to a new poll.

In the survey conducted by YouGov for Future Economy Scotland, 1,002 adults in Scotland were asked for their views on the economy.

Excluding don’t knows, six in 10 of those polled said Scotland’s economy was not on the right track with almost three quarters (74%) saying major changes were needed.

Only 2% of all respondents said that “Scotland’s economy is broadly on the right path, and no changes are needed.

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The polling marks the launch of the think tank on May 10 and will develop “transformative policies” maximising the potential of the Scottish Parliament.

Laurie Macfarlane, co-director of Future Economy Scotland, said: “The majority of Scots agree that Scotland’s economy is not on the right path, and that wealth is concentrated in the hands of too few people.

“It is clear that we cannot overcome the challenges Scotland faces by making minor tweaks to the status quo. Instead, we must embrace bold new ideas to transform the economy.”

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Co-director Miriam Brett said: “Future Economy Scotland’s mission is to develop transformative policies that decarbonise, democratise and decommodify Scotland’s economy, aiming to elevate the level of ambition and maximise the potential of the Scottish Parliament for a sustainable, just and democratic future.”