The managing director of a bakery that is famous for creating the Kilmarnock Pie has spoken of how family values are the secret to lasting success.

Brownings the Bakers was founded by Howie and Margaret Browning in 1945 as they began producing pancakes in the back of their general store in Kilmarnock.

Four generations and 77 years later, the business remains in the family with John Gall now overseeing six shops across Ayrshire.

The Herald: Pictured: John GallPictured: John Gall (Image: Supplied)

Mr Gall joined the bakery in 1980 and strives to maintain the same high standards and strong work ethic laid out by his grandparents decades ago.

He said: “I’ve always credited our success to the values my grandparents ingrained in the business from day one, that we continue to uphold to this day.

“The most important of which is delivering quality, consistent products.

“The business not only remains in my family, with my son Fraser recently being appointed to Sales Director, but many of our employees are now into the third generation of their family working here.”

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The team at Brownings the Bakers recently took part in celebrating the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, a festival designed to showcase the best of ingredients and producers across the country.

Mr Gall said: “From bakers to butchers to fishmongers, I truly believe Scottish produce is some of the best in the world.

“This year’s theme of discovering what’s on your own doorstep was one that closely echoes the Brownings the Bakers ethos.

“As the business has grown, the family values and founding principles haven’t changed; we remain a local business that sources the finest local ingredients to produce products of the highest quality.”

Putting them firmly on the map amongst the best in Scotland, one of the bakery’s most celebrated products is the famous Kilmarnock Pie.

The story goes that Brownings were once asked to create a pie for their local football team, Kilmarnock Football Club, and set about crafting a savoury bake made with a ‘top secret blend of gravy seasonings and the finest cuts of meat’.

The Kilmarnock Pie is now just one of the products stocked at supermarkets including Aldi Scotland, which has recently marked 20 years of partnership with the bakery.

Mr Gall said: “When Aldi Scotland opened its first Scottish store in our hometown of Kilmarnock back in 1994, it wasn’t long before they became the first supermarket to stock our produce in Scotland.

“This opened up a whole new audience of customers to try our pies, pastries and sweet treats and we would not be where we are today without their undeniable support for the Scottish food and drink industry.

“There’s no doubt that our shared value of quality yet affordable Scottish produce is the driving factor for the success of both businesses over the years.”

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With the Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight now finished, Mr Gall has said that he hopes this year’s theme will continue to inspire people to appreciate where their favourite foods have come from.

“Too often people can forget that the food and drink we enjoy every single day is brought to us by hardworking people right under our noses,” he said.

“Those pancakes you enjoy on a Sunday morning with fruit and chocolate spread were in fact made by the family three doors down.

“Family businesses such as Brownings the Bakers remind you of the real people behind the brand.”