GLASGOW high street firm Mitchells Roberton has followed its March acquisition of smaller practice Adie Hunter with the takeover of fellow city firm Kerr Barrie.

The deal, which completes today, has added one partner to Mitchells Roberton’s eight and swollen its total headcount from 55 to 60.

Mitchells Roberton chairman Donald Reid said the deal would “strengthen further our offering to clients”, adding that there are “strong similarities between our firms”.

“Both of our firms are relied upon and trusted by our clients,” Mr Reid said.

“We aim to create a reassuring environment in which clients can feel safe, we share the same values and emphasis on integrity, and we have a tradition of putting clients first, rather than client value.”

Both firms also have a long history in the Glasgow legal market, with Mitchells Roberton tracing its history back to the 1700s while Kerr Barrie was founded in 1813.

Like Mitchells Roberton, Kerr Barrie specialised in residential and commercial property and, in addition to typical high street work such as wills and estates, also focused on civil court work and employment law.

Although Kerr Barrie had two partners - Martin McLellan and Margot Manson – the latter has joined Mitchells Roberton as a consultant.

Earlier this year Mitchells Roberton increased its headcount by seven after it took over Adie Hunter.

That firm, which was based in Glasgow’s west end, had been in operation since 1988 and focused on a range of high street services in addition to acting for a number of small and medium-sized businesses.