A number of popular names are expected to fall out of fashion in the next ten years with parents opting for more modern names in recent years.

Oliver, which was one of the most popular boy’s names in 2020, is predicted to fall out of the top 100 by the end of the decade.

Amelia is also likely to go the same way - with female names more likely to be impacted by trends, according to the data.

Old-fashioned names increasing in popularity

MyHeritage, a family history platform, has tracked name trends over the last five years.

The company has then looked at this information and matched it with hundreds of years of birth name data to see which names are falling out of fashion. 

It also looks at which names are increasing in popularity, with old-fashioned monikers such as Bertie, Olive, Violet and Agnes all soaring up the rankings table.

Mabel, Wilfred, Elsie, Leonard, Clara and Sidney are also increasing in popularity, according to MyHeritage.

‘New parents influenced by family history’

Rafi Mendelsohn, Director at MyHeritage, said that new parents might be influenced by looking at their families history.

He said: “As more people research their family’s history it is now much easier to look back and find out which names were important in your past.

"This could be a big driver for the recent boom in Victorian baby names, as new parents look to connect their children with distant ancestors."