Facebook Messenger has fallen victim to the global outage affecting Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Social media companies Facebook, Instagram and WhaAsapp have reportedly crashed with users reporting issues across the platforms.

According to Down Detector, reports of issues started at around 4pm on Monday afternoon.

The reason for the issues surrounding the three companies owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg remain unknown.

Is Facebook Messenger down?

But users are now reporting issues with Facebook messenger too.

According to Downdetector, 52% of users reporting issues are having difficulty sending messages.

Meanwhile the app (29%) and the website (19%) are among other issues being reported.

Issues begun around 4:45 pm on Monday afternoon with as many as 8,000 users reporting problems.

Is Whatsapp down?

Downdetector saw a rapid rise in reported issues from around 4pm on Monday afternoon.

43% of reports suggests problems with server connection while App (31%) and sending messages (26%) are other problem reported by users.

Is Instagram down?

Users began reporting issued with Instagram on Downdetector at around 4pm on Monday.

50% of issues reported were linked to the app while server connection (27%) and website (23%) were other issues reported.

Is Facebook down today?

Again, users started reporting problems at around 4pm on Monday afternoon with 78% of reports issued linked to the website.

12% of reports were linked to the app while 10% of reports were linked to server connection.