As Halloween celebrations get underway for another year, you might be planning your outfit or what shape you’ll carve your pumpkin.

If you still need some Halloween inspiration, we think we have the solution, especially for the Harry Potter fans among us.

The Wizarding World has teamed up with Pumpkin Freak, the UK’s leading pumpkin artist, to create 2 pumpkin designs and stencils in honour of Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary.

Fans can try using two stencils at home to create Harry Potter pumpkins, inspired by the ‘Great Hall Pumpkins’ scene which sees the Great Hall ceiling filled with floating pumpkins.

The Herald: Harry Potter themed pumpkins (Wizarding World/Canva)Harry Potter themed pumpkins (Wizarding World/Canva)

If you’re a beginner at carving designs on pumpkins, you could try The Snitch design but if you’re feeling more confident, you could try using the Hogwarts House Crest which is for more advanced carvers.

Where to find the stencils

You can find both pumpkin stencils and step-by-step guides on the Wizarding World website. 

Wizarding World has been getting fans of all ages involved in the 20th anniversary celebrations. New exclusive content focussing on 20 magical moments from the first film will be released via the website every Wizarding Wednesday. 

The content includes games, quizzes and secrets from the crew who brought it to life.