Lush has made the most magical time of the year with a sprinkle of Snow Fairy dust in its Christmas campaign.

The cosmetics shop chain is the latest retailer to unveil its Christmas 2021 advert, joining ranks with John Lewis, Lidl and Sports Direct who have all released their festive ads in the last week.

Lush's advert this year gives a primetime spot to one of the retailer's most successful Christmas products - its Snow Fairy range.

The Snow Fairy makes her on-screen debut in Lush's first short animation advert.

HeraldScotland: Lush Fairy Christmas Gift Set - £60. Credit: LushLush Fairy Christmas Gift Set - £60. Credit: Lush

The cosmetics chain has paired up with a London-based direction duo named FeralChild to put together the animation.

Feral Child's directors Rogan van den Berg and Nella Addy and their team of talented artists helped to bring the story of Aki and the Snow Fairy to life.

Chief Digital Officer, Jack Constantine said: "I’m extremely proud to have worked on this project for Lush.

"Seeing ‘The Snow Fairy’ evolve from a pink bubblegum shower gel into a character that brings confidence, courage and kindness embraces our ‘all are welcome, always’ ethos."

While a spokesperson from FeralChild added: "From the initial conversations with Lush we were immediately drawn to their concept of this untraditional Christmas character, The Snow Fairy, being a spirit of nature and an embodiment of kindness, confidence, and bravery.

"It was a dream project to craft the story of discovering the Snow Fairy, with the broader message of self-discovery and acceptance."

Watch the Lush Christmas 2021 advert here

The Snow Fairy is leading Lush's Christmas 2021 collection which is now available online and in-store.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or a pamper session for yourself, Lush has you covered this Christmas.

Lush's Fairy Christmas Gift set which includes a Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar, Show Fairy bomb and shower gel and more can be yours for £60.

You can also pick up the Snow Fairy Body Spray for £20 and a Little Snow Fairy Gift set for as little as £12.

Customers can expect even more exciting Snow Fairy product drops, exclusives and experiences in the coming days.

Lush also recommends that customers download its Lush Labs app for even more exclusive product drops. 

The Snow Fairy will be touring the UK and Ireland in the coming weeks, bringing a little festive magic and a touch of her renowned shade of pink to Lush stores.