With the UK now in the midst of winter as temperatures drop, the date snowfall can be expected has been announced my meteorologists.

Weather forecasters have predicted parts of the country could see the white stuff as early as next week as snow could return in the final week in January.

The weather has been reasonably settled so far with dry and sunny spells throughout the first month of 2022, although frosty mornings are becoming more common.

Met Office warn UK could see snow in January

As part of their long-term weather report, the Met Office has been trying to predict weather for late January and February.

Looking ahead from January 29 to mid-February, the Met Office said: "Temperatures are looking to be slightly above average, particularly in the north however some colder interludes remain likely, bringing a risk of occasional snow, most likely over northern hills."

The north of England and across the border in Scotland are expected to be worst effected although flurries could be seen further south.

A Netweather forecaster said: "It will probably be cold and dry, rather than cold and snowy, with more significant and widespread overnight frosts, and temperatures closer to freezing by day."