A new series of the hit BBC One competition show Interior Design Masters starts this evening at 9pm. 

The show's return sees comedian Alan Carr once again take up hosting duties alongside head judge Michelle Ogundehin. 

Each of the ten contestants will battle it out to be named the best interior designer. 

Here's everything you need to know about each contestant in the 2022 series.

Who are the Contestants for Interior Design Masters?


HeraldScotland: Abi. (BBC)Abi. (BBC)

A 27-year-old born in Birmingham but now living in London, Abi is a luxcycler and describes her style as  "maxminalist kitsch".

Luxcycling is when designers use old, second hand textiles, furniture and more to create new pieces.

After being made redundant during the pandemic, Abi deiced to apply for the BBC show. 



HeraldScotland: Amy (BBC)Amy (BBC)

39-year-old Amy - originally from Ayrshire in Scotland but now living in London - is a print designer and illustration whose style is sophisticated. 

She has worked in fashion for many years but says interior design is where her passion lies. 


HeraldScotland: Banjo. (BBC)Banjo. (BBC)

From the Isle of Mull, 36-year-old Banjo is a cheesemonger and marketer. 

Banjo says his style is "playful and wild" and wants to prove himself worthy of winning the competition.


HeraldScotland: Dean. (BBC)Dean. (BBC)

41-year-old Dean, is a store manager from Reading and has a "dark and moody" style. 

He was hesitant at first to apply as he felt he didn't have enough design experience. But just a few minutes before the application closed, he took the plunge. 


HeraldScotland: Fran. (BBC)Fran. (BBC)

London-based stylist Fran, 38, has a "contemporary bohemian" style. 

When the pandemic hit, Fran lost all of his work overnight and decided to use the time to redecorate her flat to keep herself busy. 


HeraldScotland: Molly. (BBC)Molly. (BBC)

Molly is a 23-year-old business administrator from Bedfordshire with an "eccentric classic" style.

Already having some experience in the industry when she started her first interior design job aged just 18, some predict she has a slight advantage. 


HeraldScotland: Paul. (BBC)Paul. (BBC)

Lancashire born but now based in London, 52-year-old Paul is a visual merchandiser.

He describes his style as "mid-century minimalist".

When he turned 50 during the first lockdown he questioned his career choice and wanted to move towards a more creative career. 


HeraldScotland: Peter. (BBC)Peter. (BBC)

Peter is a 63-year-old hair salon owner from Newcastle Upon Tyne. He describes himself as a "style chameleon".

He says he has always had a passion for interior design and, with a friendly push from family and friends, he decided to apply for the show. 


HeraldScotland: Richard. (BBC)Richard. (BBC)

Birmingham-based Richard is a 29-year-old interior stylist with an "abstract colourist" style.

He said he watched previous series of the show "religiously" and wanted to give it a go himself.


HeraldScotland: Rochelle. (BBC)Rochelle. (BBC)

Team coordinator Rochelle from London, 34, has a "modern glamour" style. 

She's always loved interior design and even has a degree in the industry. 

Interior Design Masters series three will air on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday, March 9.