The cheapest time of day to use your washing machine has been revealed ahead of energy bills going up next month.

In February, Ofgem announced the new energy bill price cap will rise by 54 per cent per cent from April.

It means energy prices will rise by £693 a year for millions of households after regulator Ofgem hiked the price cap on bills to £1,971 or 54%.

The energy regulator is responsible for the energy price cap which limits how much providers can charge customers on their energy bills.

Brits are concerned about the cost of living ahead of price hikes in April.

Food shops, fuel, energy bills and National Insurance are among the things going up next month.

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has called on the government to do more to help people afford a rise in bills.

THE UK Government could consider increasing the loan to households to help cover the rising cost of energy bills.

Boris Johnson could reportedly double the £200 energy loan to £400 as concerns over the cost of living continues to grow.

Cheapest time to put washing machine on

Laundryheap CEO Deyan Dimitrov has revealed the cheapest time of day to use your washing machine amid rising energy costs.

During certain times of the day, using your washing machine will cost less.

The most expensive time of the day to use your washing machine is between 4pm and 7pm, according to Deyan.

Meanwhile, energy prices are at their lowest between 10pm and 5am.

The expert also advises washing multiple loads of laundry consecutively so that the tumble dryer remains warm between cycles.

A 30C cycle can cut your washing machine’s energy use in half when compared to a 40-60C cycle.