If you’re reading this article then it means you’ve cracked today’s Wordle, congrats!

If you haven’t, click away now, spoilers are incoming. 

The Wordle trend has been ongoing for months and it shows no signs of slowing down as each day people across the world try and guess the five letter word.

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Recently the game was bought by the New York times, carrying on the daily word game with some days revealing simple words such as “train” or “laugh”, other words can be a lot more complicated.

So, what does Homer mean?

What does today’s Wordle 320 ‘homer’ mean?

Homer can have many definitions for each people. Some immediately picture Greek literature, others a tradesman doing out of hours jobs in your home.

So what are the main definitions of homer?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definitions of ‘homer’ are: “a home run (= a point scored in baseball when you hit the ball and have time to run all the way around the four corners of the playing field before it is returned).

“A job that a tradesman (= a skilled worker such as a builder or house painter) does for a private customer in the customer's home, especially when this is done in addition to their main job and without them telling their employer or the tax authorities.”

Dictionary.com also draws reference to the Homing Pigeon, a pigeon that is trained to fly home from a great distance and bred for long-distance racing.

And not to forget, Homer Simpson from the beloved cartoon.

Odyssey’s Homer

A popular use for the name Homer that is not mentioned in these definitions is the Greek author. He is famously attributed to writing Odyssey as well as the Iliad, making up the foundational works of Greek literature.

His exact birth record is not known, but it is estimated to be around 928 BC.

Wordle will refresh for the next day at midnight, but if you can’t wait why not try these Wordle spin offs to keep you entertained.