Harvester is facing major backlash over a controversial change to it’s most popular menu item.

The food chain, renowned for its famous salad bar, has left customers furious over the change to the way people order.

The all-you-can-eat salad bar is now served by staff, much to the anger of customers who are used to helping themselves.

One customer told The Sun: “We’ve always loved going to Harvester as a family, but this has made us think again. The salad bar is one of the best parts.

"I don’t like having to point and ask for my scoops of coleslaw, sweetcorn and thousand island sauce. When we complained we were told it was a company-wide measure caused by rising costs. It feels like the death of a Great British institution.”

Harvester has responded to criticism over the change.

A spokesperson for the chain said: “We’re currently researching how to give our guests the best version of the unlimited salad bar in 2022 and beyond. We’re looking at consumer feedback, speaking to our teams across the UK, hygiene monitoring results and salad item supply as part of the process and hope to update Harvester’s salad bar fans with any changes in the coming weeks.”