The final supermoon of 2022 is set to peak in the night sky this week, which is also known as the 'sturgeon moon'.

Supermoons tend to look larger and brighter by due to how close this full moon is to the Earth.

Natural History Museum’s Sara Russell, speaking to INews, stated that a supermoon happens when the moon at its full is closest to the Earth.

She said: “During a supermoon, the moon is at a stage where it is closest to Earth.

“This will typically last for two to five full moons, so that’s why there are multiple supermoons in a row. After that, the moon goes into the more distant part of its orbit.”

HeraldScotland: The 'Strawberry supermoon' seen in June earlier this year (PA)The 'Strawberry supermoon' seen in June earlier this year (PA)

According to the Natural History Museum’s website, supermoons appear so bright because they “cast about 30 per cent more light on the plant than when the moon is at its dimmest.”

The reason for this is that as the Moon is closer more of the Sun’s rays that are reflecting off the moon’s surface make it to Earth.

When to watch the August Supermoon 2022

The BBC Science Focus Magazine states that the supermoon will be visible in the early hours of Friday, August 12.

It will reach its peak at 2.36am but should be visible in the few hours before that time also.