If you've been playing Wordle for a while now and want to freshen up your daily word gaming, Weaver, could be just what you're looking for.

The newsest puzzle on the block takes an age-old format and brings it into the 21st century.

Originally devised by novelist Lewis Carroll for his children, Julia and Ethel Arnold, on Christmas day in 1877, he called it ‘word-links’.

Now it's been computerised and transformed into a daily challenge to help you practice your word skills and give your brain a workout.

How To Play Weaver word game

The puzzle invites you to weave your way from the start word to the end word. When creating each new word you enter can only change one letter from the word above it.

The game will only accept words in its dictionary and in similar style to Wordle, when you add a new word, any letters in the correct place will go green.

A new puzzle is available each day and the game stores your stats so it could become quite addictive.

After you complete a game, a panel pops up telling you what the optimal score for that game is and how you compared, along with a running total of puzzles you’ve solved, your current streak and your longest ever streak.

To build the suspense, it also shows a countdown timer for when your next puzzle will be available.

Weaver answers today - Wednesday, August 17

If you are desperate to save your streak or would like to get closer to the optimal score, here are some hints to get you to your goal.

Keep scrolling down until you have solved the puzzle or need the final answer.

Today’s starting word: RAIN
Clue 1
Change the R to G to create GAIN
(scroll down for the next clue)






Clue 2
Change the A to R to create GRIN
(scroll down for the next clue)







Clue 3
Change the N to P to create GRIP
(scroll down for the next clue)







Clue 4
Change the second G to D to create DRIP
(scroll down for the next clue)







Clue 5
Change the I to O to create the final word, DROP

Puzzle complete. Come back tomorrow if you need help solving the next Weaver.