Britain’s next Prime Minister, Liz Truss has travelled to the Queen’s remote country estate of Balmoral to be appointed the U.K’s fourth leader in 12 years. 

The Scottish estate, which has been an important get-away for the Royal Family since the reign of Queen Victoria, is hosting Truss as she travels from London to Aberdeen to be accepted as PM by Elizabeth II. 

Balmoral has hosted many Prime Ministers over the years such as Magret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron. 

Truss met the Queen this afternoon and will be the first Prime Minister appointed to the position in Scotland

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Where is Balmoral? 

Balmoral is located to the west of Aberdeen in the remote town of Braemar in Scotland’s Aberdeenshire region. 

Why is the Queen in Balmoral? 

The Queen would traditionally hold an audience with incoming Prime Ministers in Buckingham Palace but due to ongoing mobility issues, it has been decided that Boris Johnson and Liz Truss should make the 516-mile-long trip to the north east of Scotland. 

What is Balmoral? 

Balmoral is the Royal Family’s main estate in Scotland and is a common holiday destination for the Queen. 

The castle was acquired by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert in 1848 and has been the family’s main Scottish residence ever since. 

What has happened so far? 

Liz Truss has met the Queen and become the country's new Prime Minister.

Previously, Boris Johnson arrived at Balmoral via private jet from Northolt to Aberdeen Airport and met the Queen before passing his position onto Liz Truss. 

Earlier, Johnson likened himself to Cincinnatus, a Roman general who was appointed dictator during times of crisis but who later gave up his power multiple times to return to his farm and plough his fields. 

Political commentators like Andrew Neil suggest that the former PM is hinting at a return to frontline politics in the future.