It'S heartening to know that American audiences seem to be taking the new Pixar film Brave to their hearts.

Cynics, of course, carp about the stereotypical view of Scotland portrayed by Pixar's talented illustrators.

Yes, it is romanticised. No, it doesn't capture all the facets of modern Scotland. It may not even be – God forgive it – 100% historically accurate.

But it portrays a gorgeous country steeped in myth and magic. And its heroine – the first female lead in the Pixar canon – strikes a blow for girl power.

VisitScotland is correct in believing that international audiences who see and enjoy the film may be encouraged to come here to see for themselves the natural beauty of our country and learn more about the stories featured in the plot.

Those visitors who come here will not see a red-haired medieval princess grapple with wild bears armed with nothing but a bow and arrow. But they are unlikely to be disappointed. They will see a landscape every bit as beautiful as that featured on the big screen and they can learn of a history every bit as exciting and beguiling as the plot of Brave.

The film will boost the reputation of Scotland throughout the world and encourage a significant cash injection into our economy.

So perhaps we can forgive a film which prefers not to wallow in inner city misery and drug-induced despair. Just this once.