SO the Educational Institute of Scotland joins the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, the Scottish Parent Teacher Council and academics in urging caution on primary languages ("EIS warns over foreign languages", The Herald, March 8).

The EIS correctly highlights how much money it will cost. The real worry is the money will be wasted and we will fail.

It is interesting that you also report that Edinburgh University primary graduates will be able to specialise in German. It is obvious that unless we go for a general language awareness course in primary schools, then those teachers may well end up teaching in a school where French, Spanish or even Chinese is taught.

The report, on which the Government's plan is based, refers to many languages and has different objectives. It is confused, unclear and does not take proper account of the research and lessons learned. The Government needs to think again.

Dr Daniel Tierney,


Language Education,

University of Strathclyde,