YOU report in a Briefing paragraph that a cat has been caught in an illegal snare near Buckie ("Cat found killed by illegal snare", The Herald, April 18).

I believe this news item deserved more prominent coverage.

By passing the Wildlife and Environment Act the Scottish Government has sought to regulate snaring but not to make it illegal. The Act however is not being properly enforced and many involved in wildlife management seem to think that they can still get away with setting illegal snares.

The Scottish Government says it will review the operation of the Act in 2016. Everyone concerned with animal welfare should call on their MSPs to seek a review of the Act before that date, preferably a report to Parliament every year outlining the available facts as to how the Act is or is not working.

Snaring is a stupid, cruel and ineffective way of controlling wildlife. It is banned in most European countries and the sooner Scotland bans it the better.

George Leslie,

SNP Against Snaring,

North Glassock,


THE abundance of grey squirrels in this area has reduced to the extent that a sighting this winter of a squirrel at the bird feeder was rare indeed.

Two pine martens have been spotted in this immediate area – one was killed on the A82 ("Pine marten population on the rise'', The Herald April 18).

Is this coincidental or do pine martens have an adverse effect on the squirrel population?

The garden birds have enjoyed a great winter with little competition.

Liz Meechie,

5 Milton Hill,